Wooden Boat #1

Completed August 2006

Boat #1 is 8 feet long and made of AC fir plywood. It is built to the Prameke plan from Bateau.com. The construction method is stitch and glue using fiberglass tape and epoxy to bond the hull panels and bulkheads together.

I used the plans to make full size patterns on banner paper.

One hull side and one hull bottom.

The transoms and bulkheads.

The boat is "stitched" together with copper wire.

The panels are joined with epoxy putty fillets and fiberglass tape.

The daggerboard case is fitted.

The outside seams are covered with fiberglass tape set in epoxy.

The rub rails are glued on.

The skeg is attached. The hull is sealed in epoxy and sanded for painting.

The hull is primed.

The hull is painted blue.

Cleats are glued on for the seats, and the seats are attached.
The inside of the hull has also been sealed with epoxy.

Floor paint with non-skid is applied before the center seat is attached.
This picture shows the mast step.

The center seat is attached, and the wood left bright is covered with
3 coats of glossy polyurethane.

The Sun helps the fresh paint and polyurethane to cure.

Rowing hardware is attached.

Launching day!

It rows very nicely.

Plenty of room for two.

Making the sail. The red stripe is sewn into the sail.

The completed sail with grommets.

Rudder, daggerboard, mast and sprit.

Hanging the rudder. The gudgeons and pintles are wood reinforced with
fiberglass tape and epoxy.

Sailing away!