The Inner Space Outer Space
Beat the Heat Adventure

July 10, 2004
The ConneXion and Momentum groups from
Rock Church of the Valley enjoyed a trip to Flagstaff.

Our group enjoyed a picnic in the Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff.

Like all of the mountains around Flagstaff this is an old volcano.

Matt, Nathan, Nathan and Ryan relaxing on the fence.

Another view of pasture and mountains.

The Inner Space part of our adventure was hiking the Lava River Cave.
Carrie and Karry begin the hike.

Other hikers enjoying the cave.

Miles, Carrie and Karry

The tube is big like this most of the way.

The ceiling does get low in a few places. A first large lava flow solidified on the outside
and the molten lava inside emptied out to form the tube. Most of the floor of the tube is
formed by a second smaller lava flow. Here you can see the ripples on top of the
smaller flow that makes the floor. The diamond shaped rock to the lower left of center
is a "splashdown". It is a rock that fell from the ceiling into the still molten second flow.
The "splashdown" probably fell further up the tube and was carried along in the lava
until the second flow solidified.

Another look at the lava ripples on the floor.

Karry continuing the hike.

Our group near the end of the cave.

Scott, Matt and Karry at the end of the cave.

Interesting patterns on the wall. See the owl's face?
The floor is rough. The walls are quite smooth.

Part of the wall fell away in layers. This view is 10 to 12 feet tall.

A balancing rock that fell from the ceiling.

Another view of the entrance. From the entrance to the end of the cave is 3/4 mile.
The hike all the way in and back out takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
The temperature just below the entrance is always near 32F.
The temperature at the end of the cave is always near 40F.
The cave is a great way to Beat the Heat!

RCOV Cave People!

Matt and Nathan with a piece of ice they found below the entrance.

We saw rain clouds and tall green trees, too!

Lisa, Miles, Jennifer and Carrie relaxing after the hike.

Hacky sack in the Lowell Observatory parking lot.

The evening star program at Lowell Observatory was the Outer Space part of our adventure.
This is the visitor center and exhibit hall.
Once it was dark we looked at Jupiter through a big telescope and at a star cluster through
a very big telescope. We also saw the International Space Station fly over.

After the star program we drove back down to Chandler. We arrived safe and sound at 1:13AM.
A great and adventurous time was had by all!

Thank you God for making such an awesome
planet to live on and universe to live in!