Our First Anniversary Trip to Niagara Falls

We celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to Niagara Falls.
The falls are spectacular and the weather was wonderful.

American Falls
At the edge of American Falls

Karry and Falls
Karry by the American Falls

American and Horseshoe Falls
American Falls with Horseshoe Falls
in the background

Mark and Falls
Mark on the observation platform

Niagara Park
Niagara Falls Park on the American side

Niagara River
Niagara River rushing toward American Falls
Skylon Tower is in the background

Goat Island
American Falls from Goat Island
with pretty rainbow

Closer view of American Falls
and rainbow

Whirlpool Rapid
Whirlpool Rapid
The standing rapid wave is 20 feet tall

Niagara Gorge
Niagara Gorge
The standing waves in the gorge are 12 to 15 feet tall

Karry under rainbow
Karry under the rainbow
on the Canadian side

Horseshoe Falls and rainbow
Rainbow in the mist at the edge of Horseshoe Falls

Double rainbow
Horseshoe Falls with a faint double rainbow

Horseshoe Falls
90 percent of the Niagara River
flows over Horseshoe Falls

American Falls from Canada
American Falls from the Canadian side

Karry and Mark
Karry and Mark with American Falls in the background

Queenston Heights Park
Queenston Heights Park
We had a wonderful English brunch in the park restaurant

Niagara Escarpment
Niagara River from top of Niagara Escarpment
The river quietly flows toward Lake Ontario below the escarpment

Niagara on the Lake
Niagara on the Lake
This is a pretty town at the edge of Lake Ontario

Floral Clock
Karry by the 40 foot Floral Clock

Horseshoe Falls from Skylon
Horseshoe Falls from Skylon Tower
We celebrated our anniversary with
dinner in the tower's revolving restaurant

American Falls from Skylon
American Falls from Skylon Tower

Skylon Tower
750 foot Skylon Tower is on the Canadian side

Cute penguins at the Niagara Aquarium

Butterfly Conservatory
Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

One of the many beautiful butterflies in the conservatory

More information on visiting Niagara Falls can be found at the
Niagara Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau web site and the
Niagara Parks web site.

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