Mark's Telescopes

Coulter Odyssey Compact
This is my 10" f/4.5 Coulter Odyssey Compact. I've
had it since October 1992. This scope has a very
good mirror. It is my deep sky scope. I also use it with
the full aperature solar filter for solar astronomy.

Odyssey Mirror
Here's a look at the Odyssey's business end.

Meade 2080B
This is my 8" f/10 Meade 2080B. It has nice optics with good contrast. It is my solar system and double star
scope. I also use it for tracked astrophotography.

Meade 2080B
Here's a look at the Meade's business end.
I've had the 2080 since November 1993.

Meade 826
My first telescope was this Meade Model 826, an 8" f/6 Newtonian on a German equatorial mount. It was a very good scope. I bought it in August 1983 and used it for 8 years. The first object I found with it was M57, the Ring Nebula. This picture shows an eyepiece projection of the May 1984 solar eclipse.

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