Transit of Venus
June 8, 2004
Arcetri Observatory - Florence, Italy
by Mark Wainright

These white light images were taken through an Orion StarMax 102mm Mak-Cass. Baader AstroSolar visual filter film was used for the solar filter. The images were taken afocally using a Nikon 885 in program mode. A Scopetronix Digi-T adapter was used to help center and support the camera, but the camera was hand held. This allowed for quick switching between looking and taking images. The pictures are nice to have, but it was more fun to watch! The only processing was to invert the images and then rotate the images to a consistent viewing angle. The image scale was then reduced to 1024x768. Click on an image to display at 1024x768. Enjoy!

These images were taken afocally with the Nikon 885 in program mode through Ken Lum's Coronado H-Alpha refractor. Thanks Ken!