Enjoying the Transit of Venus
June 8, 2004
Arcetri Observatory - Florence, Italy

Early setup on the terrace at Arcetri Observatory.

Enjoying a sack breakfast before the show begins.

Transit watchers on the terrace.

All attention focused on transit projection with a small lens while 'scopes go unattended. Priceless!

We took a short walk to the villa where Galileo spent his last years under house arrest.

An inner entrance to Galileo's villa.

An upper patio where it was said Galileo did some of his last observing. Out and to the right of the
patio you can see a small orchard. Galileo never left the confines of the villa and orchard.

Karry and Mark with the terrace and observatory behind.

Successful Transit Chasers!

We went to see the transit with the Sky & Telescope and TravelQuest
Venus Transit Tour in Northern Italy. Thanks S&T and TQ!